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Technical Designer | Gameplay Programmer

Ron E. Dice

Project Anchor

Professional Work


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Digital Technical Designer Intern (Gameplay, Interaction, Performance)

Virtual Viking

Virtual Viking is a VR Simulation of Viking Group Inc. fire supression systems

Content Focus: Bring Viking's systems to life by creating VR interactive simulations to showcase each valve's process and advantages.

  • Designed, animated, and implemented various valve assemblies in a way where it can be re-used in future systems.

  • Profiled and optimized for both PC backed VR systems and standalone Meta Quest 2 systems.

  • Communicated with my interdisciplinary team to create cohesive environments, keeping the balance between quality and optimization.

  • Created and optimized various VFX systems using UE5's Niagara.

Valves Worked on: (Deluge, Single Interlock)

  • F1 Hydraulic Release

  • F1 Electric Release

  • F1 Pneumatic Release

Personal Projects

Personal Projects

Lead Technical Designer, Programmer

Project Flutterbeam

Project Flutterbeam is an online multiplayer FPS.

Content Focus: Create an arcade FPS that is playable with online multiplayer

  • Implemented Epic Online Services to connect players together.

  • Helped design spawn systems to avoid spawn killing.

  • Designed, implemented, and balanced weapon systems such as recoil, damage, magazine count, etc.

  • Created procedural weapon animations.

  • Programmed UI, menu systems.

Technical Designer


Demigod is a small first person RPG project.

Content Focus: Create a tutorial level that included RPG elements

  • Created simple AI zombies to chase the player.

  • Implemented player movement and animations.

  • Designed sound matching game-play mechanic to unlock weapon.

  • Created final level design "Temple of Apollo."

  • Designed, programmed, and Implemented UI systems.

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